When can I expect my order to arrive?
Once you've confirmed your order, we need to process it, which can take up to 48 hours. Once we've cleared your payment, your items will be shipped out within the week (7 days). You can expect your order to be delivered within 7-30 days after it's been shipped.

Please keep in mind there can be unplanned delays during the shipment process. If anything like that occurs, you'll receive an email about it. This isn't in our control, but you'll be kept up to date at every step of the process.

Do you offer custom measurements?
Of course. Each and every one of our suits are made to order, which also makes it possible to tailor you a custom measurement.

If interested, send us an email with your full measurements at info@teryna.com after you've confirmed your order.

These are the exact measurements we need from you if you want a custom tailor so we can do our best to make it fit you perfectly:

1. Neckline
2. Shoulder
3. Sleeve
4. Armhole
5. Wrist
6. Chest
7. Belly
8. Waist
9. Hip
10. Jacket length
11. Pant length
12. Thighs
13. Height
14. Weight

I'm not completely sure the trousers are going to fit me the right way
Don't worry, we don't complete the finishing of the trousers unless you've specifically requested us to. This is so that you can tailor it to your desired length.

If you would like us to complete the finishings of your trousers, send us an email at info@teryna.com with the exact length of your inseam. You can also simply select your desired inseam length in your order.

Please note that if you don't tell us specifically, we won't be able to tailor them to your exact measurements.

Customizing the trousers make them non-refundable.

Help! I have a question about my order

If you want to change your order information, need to return something, or just have a question, don't hesitate to email us either via the contact form on our website or directly at info@teryna.com